2020 Writing Goals – Number 1

I want 2020 to be a big year in terms of writing so I’ve decided to make myself goals so I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve this year. I thought you might be interested to hear what those goals are. Here is the first of my 2020 Writing Goals and an explanation of why it is on my list.

Goal Number 1 – Finish my collection of short stories

I had a great idea back in 2018: I was going to write a collection of short stories and get them published. At the start of 2020 I am still trying to get the stories in that collection written.

Until recently I have found it difficult to finish any creative writing project I have started. My problem was mainly because I felt  like a fake, I wasn’t a real writer. With the help of a life coach, I have managed to work through these feelings and make such good progress that by the end of last year I had finished 5 short stories. They need some editing and attention in some places but they are very good drafts.

Now that my writing is flowing better and I feel more confident in myself as a writer, it is time to get my idea from 2018 back on track and get a collection of short stories together to be published.

I have set myself a goal of having a collection of good drafts of short stories together by the end of April 2020. After April I can then edit them, get them up to scratch and ask people for feedback. Perhaps I can enter a few of the best ones into competitions and see what happens.

To have a complete short story collection I will need about 40’000 words, which seems like a huge amount when I see it written down in black and white. At the moment I have roughly 10’000 words written. I have already been wondering if my target of having this completed by April is too ambitious. However, I know myself and I know if I don’t have a concrete time frame in mind I will be talking in 2021 that my first writing goal is to finish my short story collection! This does mean I will have to be fairly prolific in a writing sense at the start of this year but I’m up to the challenge.

Next week I will be sharing my second writing goal for 2020. Check back then to find out what it is.

If you have any writing goals for 2020, I would love to hear what they are!


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