2020 Writing Goals – Number 4

This is the final post in my series of 2020 writing goals and this final goal is by far the most important one. My fourth goal is to enjoy writing this year.

Although I have always dabbled in writing, it wasn’t until the end of last year that I fell in love with writing again. Even though it was something I enjoyed doing, I found it extremely difficult to finish any writing projects that I started.

When I moved to Switzerland I started blogging to get me into a routine of writing again. Make a post every few weeks was achievable and not as daunting as beginning (and trying to finish) a creative piece of writing.

I then found a writing club where I could discuss with like-minded people ideas for stories but I still found it almost impossible to get anything finished. I was constantly checking my word count and feeling disappointed I hadn’t managed to write more.

It is only since the end of 2019 that I have really begun to enjoy writing. I don’t set myself a word target within each writing session because I realised I was just writing rubbish to hit a target, rather than focussing on the quality of the writing. Focussing on quality not quality has made me enjoy the art of writing again.

Writing is something I do as a hobby and the main thing about a hobby is being able to enjoy it. I have binned lots of hobbies in the past that I didn’t enjoy and now I feel like I have found a way to enjoy my hobby again. I would love to write full-time as a profession but that seems like a long way off and if I am never able to give up my day job to sit and write all day then I would still keep tapping away at the keyboard because I enjoy it and it’s fun.

So there are my writing goals for the year. I am really hoping I can achieve all of them but if I at least enjoy every time I sit down with my laptop to start a new project or continue one, I will be very happy. writing-923882__340

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