Lockdown Limericks

By no stretch of the imagination am I close to anything remotely resembling a poet but during lockdown I started writing poetry.

As well as attempting to write haikus for the first time (not as hard as I thought they would be), I also dabbled with free verse and limericks. I must say that of all the poetic forms limericks are the ones that strike a chord with me most. I think it’s the comic twist at the end that always gets me.

So I wrote some lockdown-themed limericks and I saw an online magazine that was looking for submission of any creative writing that was written during the pandemic. I thought why not see if I can get them published? I didn’t have high hopes of them being published but I found out yesterday they have been.

I warn you that they’re not the best limericks in the world but I hope you enjoy them anyway. You can read them here.

Thank you to the folks at Invictus for investing so much time into getting these fantastic scribblings published!

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