Short update

It has been a long, long while since I posted a blog on this website but there has been good reason for that! I’ve been busy writing!

I am currently enrolled in not one but two Masters programmes – both of which are related to writing but very different from each other. I am studying Creative Writing and Comedy Writing. I love both of the courses and I initally thought I would start them and then decided to continue with one. However, I am learning so much and managing to balance the workload so I will continue with them as long as I can, which is great because I can never make a decision!

I also think it’s good to have something positive and not so serious to focus on during these times. Immersing yourself in an interest that you enjoy is good for the soul at the best of times, so it must be at the worst of times.

Having said that I do struggle a bit sometimes with being disciplined enough to sit down and write. And now it’s looking like spring/summer is finally on it’s way, there are more distractions outside to tempt me away from my writing desk. But I will try to knuckle down to work a few times a week at least because when I do, I really enjoy it. I can’t be the only writer who thinks that can I?